Way back in 1993 cartoonist Peter Steiner published a cartoon in The New Yorker of a dog, who was seated at a computer, talking to another canine. The caption read "On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog."

At that point the internet was just taking off with the general public, and the mere fact that such a cartoon was placed in the New Yorker was a big moment for the World Wide Web. It also spoke to issues pertaining to internet anonymity, which are still being worked out today.

Miicard, an online verification service, has produced a clever video which uses a whole slew of animals to demonstrate the now classic "On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog" adage. Check it out.

Dogs win in the end! But we guess if Steiner had originally made his cartoon with cats, the feline would have been the victor, so dog people shouldn't get to excited about the win.

What do you think about internet anonymity in general? Is it a good thing? Or are there just too many dogs disguised as mice out there in cyberspace?