This pooch has been "scent" to a good home.

Toby, a Australian Shepherd with two noses that was found on a street in Fresno, Calif., has been adopted after he was almost put down when a shelter took him in.

Music producer Todd Ray, who also heads up an outfit called the Venice Beach Freakshow, is the new pooch's new owner and has some other pets that should make Toby feel right at home, including a five-legged Pinscher and a two-legged Chihuahua.

Ray is pretty excited to add Toby into the fold. He says the extra nose means the pup has "super-sniffing abilities."

Ray loves having such nontraditional pets in his home. "For me, they are incredible," he says. "I'm fascinated by unique animals' beautiful differences and by the magical lessons that they teach us."