If you've ever wondered what happens to beer if you pour it into a hot frying pan, this video will give you an answer. But that answer might be a strange one.

This video, uploaded to YouTube by misunderstoodnumber, features a bit of New Castle Ale and a hot frying pan. Depending on your knowledge of science, you may or may not expect what happens when little bit of ale is poured into the frying pan. Whether you expected it to sizzle, crackle or fizzle out, the results are definitely more interesting.

As you can see from the video, the ale turns into a viscous, almost Flubber-like substance upon hitting the pan. It almost looks like alien material, all gooey and seemingly putty-like. It turns out that this is the result of the Leidenfrost effect, which is a phenomena that occurs when a liquid touches a surface that is hotter than its boiling point. An insulating vapor layer is formed around the liquid and almost makes it appear like it's hovering.

This is why you see the ale turn into a sort of glob that skitters about the pan. It's pretty cool to watch and very tempting to recreate in the kitchen, but we'd advise you not to try this on your own. Besides, it'd be a waste of a perfectly good bottle of beer! Instead, just experiment vicariously through the person in the video above.