The Disney characters are a big part of what makes the Disney parks experience special for most kids and more than a few adults. Sometimes you only have time for a hug and a photo before the character moves on to the next guest and you move on to see how long the line at Space Mountain is. But sometimes, time and circumstances allow the characters to do something really special and surprising. Here are ten of the best examples of Disney characters being just a little extra awesome.

  • Mickey Mouse Dance Off

    If you've seen his cartoons (or heard his disco album), you know that Mickey can dance. But we rarely get to see him busting moves like these. True to form, the Mouse is as eager to applaud his opponent's skills as he is to show off his own.

  • Dancing Beast

    It turns out Beast has a few dance moves to show off too, once he gets to check himself out on the camera.

  • Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook

    It looks like they're getting ready for a duel, but Peter isn't packing anything more deadly than taunts. In the end, the whole thing gets called off in favor of a treasure hunt.

  • Goofy Helps a Little Girl Find Pluto

    This little girl isn't sure where to find Pluto, so Goofy takes her to visit everyone on Main Street as they search for the pup together.

  • Cinderella's Stepsisters Singing

    Lady Tremaine's "enchanting" daughters do a few vocal warmups and perform 'Sing Sweet Nightingale,' a song from the film.

  • Stitch at the Arcade

    Even Stitch needs some down time now and then. It looks like his preferred way to relax is challenging virtual motorcycle riders at the arcade.

  • Cruella Being Cruella

    Cruella takes some time out from chasing dalmatians and being fabulous to visit with her adoring public and give the paparazzi a few glamour shots.

  • Mary Poppins With a Little Girl on her Make-A-Wish Trip

    Get out the tissues because you're about to cry like you did the first time you saw 'Bambi.' This little girl spent hours watching 'Mary Poppins' over and over again while she was in the hospital for cancer treatment. So when she got to visit Disney World courtesy of the Make-A-Wish foundation, meeting Mary was an obvious must-do. Disney characters are supposed to let the kids let go first when they're hugging. No surprise that Mary's practically perfect in that way too.

  • Alice and the Mad Hatter Playing Pranks

    Alice and the Mad Hatter are supposed to be playing musical chairs with the kids, but the pianist who provides the music isn't around. So they decide to have some fun at the local bake shop door. Watch for the Hatter harassing Aladdin and Jasmine early on.

  • The Queen Answers a Question

    Is she still jealous of Snow White? You be the judge.

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