It's time for all of us to collectively pay our respects to the beverages that left this world during the past 12 months.

2023 was a year several drinks left restaurant menus and store shelves where they were never seen again. Let's take a look back at the sodas, beers and coffees that will no longer keep our lives refreshed.

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The lemon lime soda was introduced by Pepsi in 1999 and later distributed nationwide in 2003. In world that also had Sprite and 7UP, Sierra Mist failed to gain much ground. Sporked called the soda "the clear 'also ran' in its category." Sierra Mist was pulled from shelves in January of this year when it was replaces with Pepsi's latest entry into the lemon lime soda market, Starry. According to a CBS News report, Starry was promised by Pepsi to have a citrus flavors "that are more true to fruit and more aromatic."



Dunkin' fans were sent to find a different way to get their fix for a mix of coffee and hot chocolate. The chain announced in March it would remove the Dunkaccino from store menus. The drink debuted in 2000 and was later offered in a frozen option. People reached out to Dunkin' earlier this year to learn more about the Dunkaccino's departure. A spokesperson "didn't rule out the Dunkaccino making a comeback one day."

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The San Francisco-based Anchor Brewery ceased operations in July. CNN reported Anchor was "America's oldest craft brewer with 127 years in business" when it closed. Their most popular creation was also one of the brewery's first, Anchor Steam. "A true San Francisco icon, Steam Beer is America's original craft beer, named for the 19th century practice of fermenting beer outdoors due to the lack of refrigeration," Anchor describes the beer on its website. As of this week, former Anchor employees are working to "resurrect" their favorite beers.

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This one didn't last long. Aha was Coca-Cola's first major brand to debut since 2006 when the coffee-flavored Coca-Cola Blak was introduced. Food Dive reported Aha was an attempt to compete with sparkling water brands LaCroix and Bubly when launched in 2020. Despite fun flavors like blackberry-lemon and pineapple-passionfruit, the beverage never really caught on leading to Coca-Cola announcing a "cut back on U.S. distribution. "In 2024, the beverages will only be available in 'focused channels' and in Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, and will continue to be sold in Canada," Food Dive said.

These drinks weren't the only items to say goodbye in 2023. CNN has published a complete list of discontinued drinks and food.

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