Scott Adams, the outspoken and sometimes controversial creator of the "Dilbert" comic strip, announced on his blog that he wants to run for President of the United States. Will Dogbert be his running mate?

Adams said he plans to run as an independent and get on the ballot with the help of, a bi-partisan online presidential nomination.

He also laid out his platform and ideas in great detail including appointing former President Bill Clinton "as my only advisor", budget cuts of 10 percent to every federal government expense along with a 10 percent raise in all federal taxes and a deep commitment to flip-flopping and gaffes to keep the public entertained.

He also wants to form a "committee of libertarians" to reduce the government's size, environmental policies that will "make America the least polluted place on Earth" and "test laboratories" in states for various other issues and policies in education, healthcare and taxes.

Personally, if he promised to pass a law outlawing anyone working in an office to stick another droll copy of his comic strip on their cubicle wall, we'd vote for him in a second.

Is the creator of 'Dilbert' serious about his presidential run? Would you vote for him?

[via Comics Alliance]