Because she is really famous, Gwyneth Paltrow is able to do things like pose for pictures with comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short at the Academy Awards.

But don't think Paltrow doesn't appreciate this privileged perch. The 39-year-old actress tweeted the photo above from the 2012 Oscars for all of her Twitter followers to see with the message, "I love my life."

Steve Martin, however, had a completely different reaction to the photo. And he tweeted that out to his followers as well.

Somebody just got burrrned. Actually, could it be that Martin was being sarcastic when he said he "hate(s)" his life? Maybe what he really meant was that it was pretty rad that he got to hang out with cool people like Paltrow and Short, and was just goofing on Paltrow's Twitter update.

Yeah, we get why Martin would want to slap down Paltrow and her GOOP-fueled self-importance. But he's also taking a shot at Short here. And to dis an old 'Amigo' like that? Well, that makes Martin a bit of a 'Jerk.'