'Dick Tracy' was all about Warren Beatty, who directed and produced the film, played the iconic title role and cast his real life girlfriend Madonna as one of his love interests.

But the Material Girl was hardly the only superstar to join Beatty in the 1990 adaptation of the 1930s comic strip. See what the cast of 'Dick Tracy' is up to these days.

Warren Beatty, Dick Tracy

Touchstone/John Sciulli, Getty Images

Then: Warren Beatty played the yellow overcoat-wearing detective in 'Dick Tracy.' Having followed his older sister Shirley MacLaine into acting, Beatty became one of Hollywood biggest stars, thanks to roles in movies like ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ and 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller.’ He also won a best director Oscar in 1981 for ‘Reds.’

Now: Beatty hasn't appeared in a movie since the 2001 flop 'Town & Country.’ Once a notorious ladies man, he’s settled down since marrying Annette Bening in 1992, and the couple have four children.