Try to imagine if instead of just sleeping in front of the television and yelling at everybody all the time to shut up, your grandpa liked to sing and dance and make people happy and go to parties. Basically what you're imagining is Diamond Dave -- a one-man singing, entertaining, dancing, party machine, who will come to your event and rock the house as only a 55-year-old singing Flo Rida can.

In addition, he also does a Louis Armstrong impression (1:42), Sir Mix-a-Lot (2:19), and a very disturbing Michael Jackson that reminds us a lot of that time the King of Pop accidentally set his head on fire filming a commercial (3:45).

And did we mention, he does almost all of this with only one hand. Six minutes seems like a long time for an internet video, and we're not saying you should watch the whole thing, we're just saying maybe if you watch the whole thing you maybe might get to see him do an electric drum solo and call everybody sexy. It's your choice.