Recently a video review that YouTube personality Daym Drops did of Five Guys Burgers and Fries went viral, thanks to Drops' enthusiastic embrace of the restaurant chain's greasy fare.

While the video is quite entertaining, it's six minutes long, a tough sell in today's climate of instant gratification. But never fear -- The Gregory Brothers have remixed the review into a more manageable two minutes, as you can see above, and have auto-tuned it to boot.

Set to music, Drops' observations, such as "you bite the fries and the fries bite back" make Five Guys sound even more appetizing. Yes, we are craving a big bag of the nicely seasoned potato products right now.

To celebrate his new-found internet success Drops -- a man who looks like he really appreciates food -- has released a new video, in which he takes on the limited edition Nestle line of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Does he approve? Of course he does.  And he even manages to pair the treat with a helping of the theme from 'Superman.' Check that out below and keep going for his original 'Five Guys' video.

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