Dave Coulier, who is most remembered for playing Uncle Joey on the classic sitcom 'Full House,' took part in an interview on a Canadian show. For a skit titled 'Coulier on Coolio' - Coolio being the famous rapper from the 1990s - the actor was asked to talk about the rapper with the similar sounding name. But halfway through the interview, it all goes quite wrong.

After saying all that he knew of Coolio ,which wasn't much, the interviewer aggravates Coulier by asking him if he read the script he was sent. Coulier at this point loses his cool and questions the interviewer's intention and whether this whole setup of "Coulier on Coolio" was all that funny to begin with. The interviewer then lashes back with 'Full House' references and calls out Coulier's downhill career ever since the show ended.

Watch the disastrous interview below.

Those in the know (in this case Canadians) point out this whole segment was staged. The interviewer is Nathan Fielder, a comedian who worked as a field correspondent on the CBC comedy series 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes.' Fielder is best known for doing interviews with people and making them feel really uncomfortable. So now it all makes sense.

Oh well, good to see Uncle Joey on screen again. Oops...

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