The second half of 'Tosh.0's' fourth season kicked off last night with a "Web Redemption" for the singer and songwriter behind the internet jam about cheating and verification of said cheating via smelling your partner's privates.

Though the show had plenty of cringeworthy clips, perhaps the one portion that made the most waves was Daniel's announcement about the premiere date for his new Comedy Central TV show, 'Brickleberry.'

The animated comedy series is scheduled to premiere on September 25th. So far, we know the plot will follow a group of dysfunctional park rangers tasked with saving their fledgling national park from closure and Tosh will voice a little bear cub named Malloy.

While the news first broke in August 2011, this is the first image we've seen from production. Early criticism has focused on its lack of originality in having a small sassy animal that speaks perfect English with humans, but at least it's not the same 'Family Guy' format that Seth MacFarlane's carbon copied for 'American Dad' and the 'Cleveland Show,' aka "Republican 'Family Guy'" and "Black Family Guy."

You can follow the show's Facebook for more info.