Why do some things take off on the internet? That's a question you will probably be asking after watching this.

A Twitter video posted February 15 has sent the internet into a tailspin. The clip, dubbed "Damn Daniel," is pretty simple: a teen named Daniel Lara is recorded wearing different outfits by his friend Josh, who looks at him and says, "Damn Daniel." Yeah, why did it take off?

And take off it has -- the post has been retweeted nearly 269,000 times and liked about 380,000 times. Tweets don't get this much love without the name "Kardashian" or "Love" attached to them.

And when a tweet elicits this kind of reaction, you know the creativity is sure to follow:

Damn Daniel has become a such a trend that people are trying to capitalize on it by selling his Vans for an exorbitant sum of money.

Would you pay nearly $15,000 for a simple pair of white sneakers? You would? Well, damn.

Yup, the whole thing has made Daniel a viral star, a fact that he's pretty excited about:

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