There was a time when parents feared their kids would pick up the phone, call China for five hours and get hit with a $4,000 phone bill. This is the 2015 version of that.

Little Nathan here gets called out by his dad for going on a $7,500 shopping spree on eBay that netted him a pair of the game systems. Nathan went way above and beyond in the bidding, too -- before he got involved, the price for one of the Xboxes was $70. So, he basically decided to add a few zeroes in the hopes of guaranteeing he'd win.

What's even more infuriating is that Nathan doesn't seem to be too aware what he did ("Dad, eBay is a website on my computer") while his father scolds him ("You're not getting on the internet ever again").

If anything, Nathan is more concerned with seeing the video his father is making of him and brushing his teeth, which should only upset dad even more, especially when Nathan begrudgingly promises not to bid anymore on eBay. You get the feeling that he's going to do something worse somewhere down the line.

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