A pair of kids' shoes brought out the kid in this septuagenarian.

Meet Ted Thorne, a Canadian man who's gone viral after his daughter posted a video of his priceless reaction when he received a pair of light-up sneakers for his birthday.

The video was initially made in July, but only recently took off after showing up as part of an ad campaign by Evolved Footwear.

Thorne's reaction is muted, at first, but he goes supersonic when he realizes the kicks light up. That's because Thorne has wanted light-up shoes for about eight years and didn't think they existed for a demographic that doesn't drink Ssips.

Thorne also doesn't wear his new shoes out in public, out of fear someone may recognize him now that's he a viral star. And if you see a man wearing light-up shoes, then, yes, there's a risk people are going to do a double take.