While most Disney villains  were bumbling idiots, there were a few who weren't. These black-hearted rogues sent chills down our spines as we watched our favorite animated movies over and over again. Read on to find out why these characters were the creme de la creme of the Disney villain world!

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    Claude Frollo

    'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.'

    Frollo is hands-down the creepiest of the Disney villains. He condemns poor Quasimodo to live in the tower of Notre Dame cathedral and tells him no one will care for him due to his deformity. On top of that, he tries to burn a house down in his relentless purge of the gypsies, and he's ridiculously obsessed with poor Esmeralda.

    Frollo's song "Hellfire" is a spine-tingling number about how Frollo is torn between his unholy desire for Esmeralda and his fanatical devotion to the church. (He's perhaps most scariest because he's a believable figure of the church and not a witch or a talking animal.) We're glad he got his comeuppance because we all know he would've hunted Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Phoebus to the ground if he had lived.

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    'The Lion King'

    Not only did this devious lion commit regicide by killing an anointed king, said king was also his brother which makes his heinous crime fratricide as well.  As voiced by Jeremy Irons, Scar's creepy voice also sent shivers down many a child's spine, especially when he told Simba that it was his fault Mufasa died. He's also paranoid--as evidenced by the scene where he thinks Simba is Mufasa and his role in the king's death will be revealed. Like all Disney villains, his end is fitting: Scar gets attacked by the very hyenas he once counted as "friends" and then pushed over a cliff. Death by cliff fall is pretty common in Disney movies.

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    'Sleeping Beauty'

    Okay, who wasn't scared of this fearsome sorceress as a kid? Maleficent is theincarnation of pure evil and has no qualms about cursing innocent humans just because she wasn't invited to a party. Also, she's one powerful witch-- the scene where she transforms into a giant black dragon and attacks Prince Phillip is incredibly creepy. Maleficent is ruthless too--she wouldn't stop until either she or the Prince had perished. While Good ultimately triumphed over Evil, Maleficent definitely is up there on the list of strong Disney villains. We look forward to seeing Angelina Jolie's take on the character.

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    Cruella De Vil

    '101 Dalmations'

    Cruella's incredibly creepy because let's face it: you have to be a bit crazy in order to go through the lengths she did just to attempt to make a puppy skin coat. Just think that -- she wanted drape herself in dead puppies. It's hard to be much creepier than that. Maybe slippers made out of kittens. Or a full-on lady skin suit, like 'Silence of the Lambs.' Beyond that, really it's a coat made out of precious, precious puppies.

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    Govenor Ratcliffe


    Ratcliffe is one of the creepiest Disney villains because he has no problems being racist and trying to commit genocide. In 'Pocahontas,' Ratcliffe urges the settlers to war after the Native Americans capture John Smith and also states early in the film that if any of his men did not shoot on sight a Native who had been encroaching "on their land," said men would be tried for treason. 'Savages' remains one of the most bone-chilling of all the Disney songs due to the sheer racism that Ratcliffe and his followers are preaching; what makes it worse is that sadly, that was a representation of the beliefs of that time period.

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    'The Little Mermaid'

    Ursula's character design alone makes her incredibly creepy: she's half-woman, half-octopus. All those tentacles swirling around her made her look ominous, even before Ariel (and the audience) figured out she was a definite baddie.

    While not as ruthless as Maleficent, Ursula is definitely cunning: she tricks Ariel into being cursed with no voice and has no qualms about trying to seduce Prince Eric. Plus, she holds one heck of a grudge: her plot to make Ariel into a member of her polyp garden wasjust to get back at King Triton for banishing her. We wouldn't want to get on her bad side!

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    The Evil Queen

    'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'

    Snow White's stepmother definitely has jealousy issues, and she's definitely a narcissist. We say she might be one of the creepiest Disney villains because instead of simply killing Snow White, she wants her Huntsman to bring back her heart, which basically makes her one of the worst stepmoms ever. After this.

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    If there's any Disney villain who could be diagnosed with psychopathy, it's the Vizier of Agrabah. Jafar had no qualms about destroying any and all who got in the way of his evil schemes; he's also not above brainwashing the poor Sultan or using the Genie's powers for his own selfish ends. He also tries to seduce Jasmine and makes a misogynistic comment about how her silence in an earlier scene was a "good quality for a wife."

    Jafar was hoisted on his own petard though: he craves the powers of a Genie, but is tricked into becoming one. He's doomed to spend 10,000 years locked into a lamp with only Iago for company. We couldn't have wished for a better end for such a huge creep

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    Lady Tremaine


    Another Disney villain with issues, while Lady Tremaine is not physically abusive to poor Cinderella, making her a servant definitely counts as emotional abuse in our book. She deliberately manipulates her own two spoiled and selfish daughters into destroying Cinderella's dress for the Royal Ball and has no qualms about locking her stepdaughter up in order to advance her own family. Besides, what child didn't feel creeped out when one scene ended with just a close up of her cold eyes? Can we say nightmares forever? Oh, yes we can!

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    'Beauty and the Beast'

    While Gaston may seem like an odd choice for a list of creepy Disney villains at first glance, he definitely belongs on here. He's basically a misogynistic stalker with a ponytail. Gaston tries to trick Belle into marrying him early on in the movie and when it backfires, he vows that she'll marry him one way or another. He turns the villagers against Belle's father Maurice and manipulates them into thinking the Beast is evil. Gaston perishes after attempting trickery: the Beast would've spared his life but in true Disney villain fashion, he stabbed him and his plot fatally backfired on him.