If you had a box of Crayolas as a kid, chances are the words "Burnt Siena" and "Goldenrod" evoke some nostalgic memories.

Crayola introduced crayons to the world back in 1903. At that point, there were just eight colors per box. Within two years, the number of crayons more than tripled. By 1958, there were 64 colors in a box. These days, the Crayola box boasts 133 standard colors.

Hues have been named and renamed, often for reasons you might not expect. For example, the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s caused "Flesh" to be changed to "Peach" and out of sensitivity for Native Americans, "Indian Red" was renamed "Chestnut."

A designer decided to chart every Crayola color since 1903 into the cool little spectrum above -- click through to view the interactive version and mouse over each sliver to get the name of the color and the year it was introduced. "Purple Pizzazz," how we yearn for thee.

[via Data Pointed]