We last saw Courage, the dog with the worst misnomer since Fluffy the vicious Doberman who lives down our block, in 2002, when the series wrapped up with 52 episodes.

Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for all of us, Cartoon Network is bringing him out of retirement!

"Courage" fans have been asking Cartoon Network to bring back the scaredy-dog ever since he went off the air. According to the creators, part of the problem was merchandising: it's hard to get boys to buy a stuffed pink dog. Details are extremely scarce: we only have this teaser leaked by an animation studio, and there's no word from Cartoon Network about when new episodes will be hitting the airwaves, or why they changed their minds.

But we're just happy to see the mutt back on the air. We wonder if Muriel got a better pair of eyeglasses during the last nine years? Eh, probably not.

[ via Buzzfeed ]