It's a pretty massive PR stunt, and we hope it works. Comedian Josh Sankey is doing a 12-city tour of the United States and he can only barter with bacon -- he can't pay for anything with cash. He has been given 3,000 pounds of the stuff to get him across America. But will it work?

We know from the video above that Sankey has at least managed to pay for a cab ride with the Oscar Meyer bacon. A pretty bold move on his part -- we'd be hoofing it if we didn't have cash. At the same time it's not like he can buy a Metrocard with that stuff, so a cab was probably his best option.

This  stunt seems like it has the potential to end in disaster (or at least high cholesterol), but we'd be curious to see the largest amount of bacon that somebody turns down. If he can't use bacon to buy a meal, will he be forced to eat all of his money? There are lots of ways this could go, folks.