If you're in the camp that says the dress is blue and black, congratulations.

Roman, the company that sells the now-infamous dress whose color became a question of national importance and dispute last week, has officially come forward to end the madness.

Roman fashion director Michele Bastock finally and firmly put a cork in the controversy:

I would like to definitely resolve this by clarifying that the color is royal blue and black...and is not white and gold at all."

Roman, however, is clearly seeing green because Bastock said the company is fine making a white and gold dress "if the demand comes along." Considering the uproar and the controversy and the fact sales of the original original dress skyrocketed 347 percent last week, we'd say, yes, there might be a demand.

Right now, the dress sells for $77. There's no word if there's an increase in cost planned, although with the fury this dress has sparked, you shouldn't be surprised if another digit is added to your total bill.

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