Daniel has something going for him that makes him the envy of any would-be world traveler: Since he has a close relative who works for an airline he can get on any flight with open seats and just pay the departure taxes. So when Daniel set off on a trip around the world this summer he decided to pay this good fortune forward.
"I realized that being able to fly for pretty cheap is a pretty big privilege, so I wanted to use it to the best of my abilities," the college student explained. "Sure, I could've gone to Cancun or Ibiza and partied all summer, but I thought I'd be more productive and would really accomplish something if I helped people along the way."

Daniel is an active member of Reddit, so he appealed to the online community for favors they needed done. He got about 300 requests, and, after visiting four countries and several cities in the US, he has been able to honor about 40 of them.

In doing so, Daniel ended up spending his summer vacation performing favors like teaching English in a rural school in Thailand and posing for a portrait in San Francisco.

What he says has been his most satisfying favor to date didn't seem all that interesting at first -- a family wanted him to wash their car. But when he learned the family was dealing with the immense stress of having a son with Down syndrome and leukemia, Daniel's ability to lend a helping hand became much more significant.

Here is  Daniel's complete list of requested favors, with those he has been able to accomplish crossed off. There are still plenty of them left to grant, which is why Daniel says he hopes to be able take advantage of his unique flight privileges again next summer.