Not all clowns are here to terrify you.

In the wake of a surge of clown sightings around the country, Tucson, Ariz. will host a Clown Lives Matter march on October 15.

Nikki Sinn is the organizer of the event, in an attempt to show people clowns don't necessarily have to be evil or frightening.

"There is a lot of people who live their everyday lives like this and they are getting death threats," she said. "We're just going to gather together and walk peacefully and pass out balloon animals and fliers and give out free hugs."

She also said, "I'm just trying to make it a little bit light so it isn't scary for anyone.

Those non-clowns are encouraged to show up to the march in clown makeup or masks.

According to a flyer promoting the event, "This is a peaceful walk to show clowns are no psycho killers." And, really, what better way to show people who are terrified of people hiding behind layers of caked-on makeup and sinister-looking smiles than to get a bunch of them together in one place. Maybe you can get over fear of heights by hanging off a ledge on the top of the Empire State Building while you're at it.

The reaction hasn't exactly been positive. Reverend Reginald Walton, the chairman of the Arizona Black Lives Matter campaign, said it's an offensive movement that downplays his cause.

"The recent events in this country involving clowns has gripped the nation and caused an epidemic of fear," Walton said. "The notion of a Clown Lives Matter rally is insensitive, as the issue of police brutality and violence is a serious issue and the clown issue is not as important. The Clown Lives Matter rally takes away the focus of a serious issue in this country that we are working with law enforcement and the community to resolve."

The internet was also not too amused:

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