Want proof that God's got a sense of humor about the birth of His only son? Just check out these divine "oopsies" that went down at Christmas pageants and live nativity scenes worldwide.

  • 1

    Camel wipes out in church

    This glorious gaffe is comic gold, frankincense and myrrh rolled into one. Apparently the poor beast participating in this pageant was none too charmed by the dude trying to camel-whisper him into submission as he proceeds down the aisle --and takes it out on the other poor guy straddling his back. (P.S. Notice how the church pews topple over like dominoes; aren't those things supposed to be bolted to the floor?)

  • 2

    Joseph threatens to dump Mary

    This blooper reel from an amateur (very amateur) home movie about the story of Christmas is chockablock with adorable tots in Biblical costumes. But our favorite part is Joseph's one-liner upon learning from a "mangel" (which is what you call a male angel, we just decided) that his virgin wife got knocked up by God: "I guess I'll just divorce her."

  • 3

    Off-key cherub steals the show

    One of the little angels in this holiday recital has been blessed with a less-than-angelic singing voice. Either that, or she's actually speaking in tongues. In which case, Hallelujah!

  • 4

    Wise men act like a bunch of wise guys

    According to the smart-alecky kid narrating this retelling of baby Jesus' birth, the three wise men weren't looking for Jesus -- they were looking for a john. Also, they talked liked cartoon villains.

  • 5

    Mary and Joseph don't have a rez

    Here's a bit of revisionist Christmas history: At the end of this clip from an adorbs children's play, Mama and Papa Messiah try to check in at yet another inn... where a time-trippy hotel clerk is tapping away on a laptop. What is this, 'Mary and Joseph's Excellent Adventure'?

  • 6

    Play ruined by the worst child actor of all time

    Check out Fidgets McGee, the world's most antsy juvenile thespian, in the role of a little lamb. Listen, kid, we know it's hard out there for a sheep, so how 'bout going Method with your acting and counting the character you're playing until you fall asleep? Also, maybe ask Santa for some Ritalian this Christmas.

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