Last week, Chris Brown tweeted out an Instagram photo with a caption that made reference to him looking old for his age of 23. Writer Jenny Johnson replied to Breezy with a tweet that more or less stated being a terrible person will age someone, an obvious reference to Brown's notorious assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

While Internet 101 states that one shouldn't feed the trolls, Brown couldn't help but fire off an expletive-filled response to Johnson. This lead to a nasty, protracted cyber-battle between the two. (You can read the full back-and-forth over on GuySpeed. All we'll say is it involves bodily functions.)

Over the weekend, Brown deleted his Twitter account. Although the singer didn't specifically say why, it appears to be in reaction to the backlash against his tweets directed at Johnson.

In the past, Brown has found himself in heated Twitter exchanges with wrestler CM Punk and singer Frank Ocean and even managed to get into it with a fake Cher account.

Is dropping out of the Twittersphere (at least temporarily) a sign Brown is maturing and trying to get control of his much-tarnished image?

It could be. But judging from his recent ethnically insensitive Halloween costume, Brown isn't a guy who needs Twitter to offend people.