Some poor trick-or-treaters are in for an unpleasant surprise.

A British man named Mark Sparrow shared a pretty gross idea on Twitter when it comes to giving candy to kids who ring your bell on Halloween.

Hmm, why could it possibly be that British food has such a bad reputation?

You may like chocolate. You may like Brussels sprouts. The odds that you like them combined, though? They're about about as good as you showing up to a Halloween bash as the only Ken Bone -- that is, not good. This is some sort of culinary alchemy that not even a pregnant woman would crave.

Sparrow inspired at least other person to share a kooky dish that Anthony Bourdain would be hard-pressed to try.

And while there may be one joker out there who likes the idea of chocolate-dipped veggies, most people on Twitter let it be known that this is nothing short of a crime.

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