Think traffic is bad in L.A. or New York? Puh-leeze. THIS is bad traffic.

This aerial view of a traffic jam in China will take your breath away. And that may not be a good thing, considering all the smog in the air. Look at all those cars. It's like a scene from a movie where people are trying to get out of Dodge before the end of the world hits.

The traffic here came as a result of all the people coming back to Beijing following a vacation. The real problem is that a new checkpoint beyond the toll booth led to bottle-necking which slowed everything to a standstill so brutal that a crawl would've been a welcome relief.

We're in that lull between high water traffic periods of Labor Day and Thanksgiving, so this video is a reminder that you probably don't have it that badly at all. The next time you're stuck on the way to work and you see some orange cones in the distance because a crew is working on a water main break, just remember it could be much worse. And we do mean much worse.