German industrial rock is hardly music suitable for children, so this video of a family band performing a cover of a Rammstein hit was bound to attract attention. With over a million views already on YouTube, the Children Medieval Band are being praised, and criticized (their parents mostly), for their musical inspiration.

Check out the band cover "Sonne," and keep a watch on their adorable drummer.

The band is fronted by older brother Stefan (10), with sisters Olga (8) on keyboard and Cornelia (5) on drums. And no, those aren't her dolls Cornelia is using to bang the drum, just a short drum stick wrapped with fabric to simulate the big drum, and a small maraca which simulates a snare. Their father admits to homeschooling the children and is proud of their musical talents. Check out their channel for more covers.

Do you think Rammstein is appropriate music for children their age to be performing?