The last time people were comparing the way something looks to George Washington, that something was disgraced swindler Bernie Madoff. And, really, the father our country deserves a much better doppelganger.

Cue Chicken McNugget George Washington, who a woman in Sioux City, Iowa bought at a McDonald's three years ago.

Because the tasty fried treat bears a likeness to America's first president ,she has kept it in her freezer ever since. And now she is auctioning it off on Ebay to raise money for a church summer camp for kids.

Approximately 3 years ago, I treated my children to '99 cent McNugget Tuesday' and play time at our local McDonald’s," she explains. "As I was cleaning up, I noticed one particular nugget and began to laugh. I picked it up for a closer look, and sure enough it was in the likeness of President George Washington. I decided to take it home and show my husband this hysterical find."

Her hysterical find could be your collectible for the price of about $200. Do you see the resemblance between the  highly-processed chicken morsel and the Revolutionary War hero? Check out the photo below and let us know.

[via Ebay]