One of this year's most viral personalities is reaching out to one of this year's most viral personalities.

Chewbacca Mom -- you remember her, right? -- has risen from the ashes to remind Ken Bone that his 15 minutes of fame will soon come to an end. In an attempt to recapture the magic -- or "fame juice," as she calls it -- that won over the country, she begs Bone to make a TV show with her before Harambe reminds her her day in the sun is over.

Thank goodness Harambe intervened. We don't need another show filled with B-list celebrities, do we? Hasn't VH1 tortured us enough with Celebrity Rehab?

And, by the way, you're not the only one who thinks this isn't really Chewbacca Mom. It's just a video to illustrate a point about the temporal nature of fame, so don't let it stop you from enjoying the clip.

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