This guy has once again showed why he won the most recent presidential debate.

Ken Bone, the red sweater-clad man who asked a question about energy policy during Sunday's combative debate, continued to win over the country when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

Bone, who instantly connected with viewers during the debate, showed he's got plenty of charm.

When asked by Kimmel if he's aware that he is adorable, Bone flat out said, "That's a definitive yes." Kimmel also asked if he knows that his fans call themselves Boneheads, to which he coolly replied, "That’s fantastic. I’ve been calling my family that for years."

Bone also recounts the story of how he wound up wearing the now-famous red sweater (which he wore again while speaking to Kimmel). We won't reveal the details, except to say he's the victim of packing on some pounds.

And Bone is not one to shy away from his 15 minutes of fame. He says he hasn't gotten any endorsement offers yet, but said, "Feel free to pass them along."

Say it with us, America: Ken Bone 2020.

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