In the midst of Charlie Sheen's legendary meltdown about a year ago, Jimmy Fallon spoofed the train-wreck with a hilarious skit featuring Sheen's new signature brand of cologne. (Naturally, it was called "Winning.")

Fallon revisited the fragrance on Thursday's 'Late Night.' Only this time, he had a very special guest to help him plug it: The "Sheen Machine" himself.

"I can smell like I’m in two places at once," Jimmy Fallon's "Charlie Sheen" told the real Charlie Sheen as they promoted the virtues of "Clone Cologne."

Or, wait, was it the other way around? The two clones seemed pretty confused as to who was the original, so you can't expect us to keep track.

We were able to figure out from the funny fake ad that the catchphrase "winning" has officially been retired. But we sort of knew that already. You can check out Fallon's original Sheen cologne skit below.

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