Unless you've used your monthly minutes, there's usually no harm in letting a stranger borrow your cellphone for a quick call. There's usually no harm, but internet prankster Andrew Hales plays off this social generosity in his latest video.

In it, he approaches strangers on Brigham Young University's campus and asks to borrow their phone. Once he does he slowly wanders away and eventually breaks into a full sprint.

His victims are understandably surprised. Some just stand there with shocked looks, and others rush to pursue him on foot. You keep waiting for somebody to lay Hales out with a tackle but that doesn't happen as Hales is quite quick.

Of course, he eventually returns the phone and tells his victim they are being pranked and everybody laughs.

"Only at BYU would I feel somewhat safe doing this," Hales explains in the video's description. That ought to teach them to care for their fellow man.

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