The first Radiohead song most people heard was 'Creep,' from the band's 1993 album 'Pablo Honey.' It's a unique and amazing tune about desperation and longing which signaled from the beginning that Radiohead was a different type of band.

During a recent show at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, singer and Broadway actor Carrie Manolakos did a cover of the song you have to hear to believe. (NSFW for a few beautifully sung f-bombs.)

It should surprise no one to learn that Manolakos is a former Broadway singer who has played one of the leads in 'Mamma Mia!' The cover is from her upcoming debut album 'Echo.'

So do you think Manolakos' impressive ability to effortlessly swing from small notes to epic ones is going to make her a star among more than just theater fans? For a completely different kind of "Creep" cover, check out Jim Carrey doing the hit karaoke-style below. You can also listen to the haunting version by Scala & Kolacny made famous by 'The Social Network.' Let us know which cover is your favorite in the comments.