It would seem that stupid people are seeping out of the cracks at a higher rate with each passing day if these car wash fail videos are to be believed. As you'll shortly discover, you don't even need a car to do something stupid at a car wash. All you need is a lack of common sense and, of course, that little situational spark to send everything spiraling into disaster, which for us equals laughter.

Apparently, going through a car wash is pretty complicated for some people. So count yourself lucky if you haven't yet been subjected to the wide variety of shenanigans that can take place while getting your vehicle rinsed, which ranges from getting completely fenderbended to being knocked out by a hose and anything imaginable in between.

And just as every dog has its day, we feel that any idiot deserves his or her moment in the spotlight. So that's why we've put together a video compilation of the best car wash fails for your viewing pleasure. Click below to begin.