The body pays a brutal price while battling cancer, so imagine how grateful 20 people fighting the disease were when they were given the chance for a makeover.

A French charity called the Mimi Foundation promised the patients they would get a makeover, but only if they agreed to keep their eyes shut while hair stylists and makeup artists worked on them in order to capture their authentic reaction once they saw themselves.

The patients had no idea they would be on the receiving end of utterly silly makeovers. Mean, you say? Not quite. The Mimi Foundation says it decided to fool the patients with the funny looks because it "allowed them to forget their disease, if only for a second."

A photographer snapped pictures of the instant the patients saw themselves. As he put it, "Within a second, smiling faces were seen all over the room. At that very moment, cancer did not exist for the family members either."

Let's hope the cancer doesn't exist at all soon, period.

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