Then: Sisqo ruled the summer of 2000 with the 'Thong Song,' the Dru Hill member's ode to the skimpiest of female unmetionables. On 'Thong Song''s strength, Sisqo's solo debut 'Unleash the Dragon' sold four million copies in the U.S., and the diminutive merry maker snagged roles in movies such as 'Snow Dogs' and 'Get Over It'

Now: Sisqo was never able to replicate the success of his greatest hit, and he hasn't had a solo album released since 2001. The 33-year old continues to tour with Dru Hill, and in 2010 he was featured on the UK reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother,' where he was eliminated  after losing an eviction showdown against Stephen Baldwin and Ivana Trump. Ouch.

Watch the 'Thong Song' video below

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