It's good to know America isn't the only country where politics has gone off the deep end.

When Canadian parliament met recently, Michelle Rempel of the Conservative Party was discussing unemployment in Alberta when she accused the government of treating the province "like a fart in the room that nobody wants to talk about or acknowledge." You could say she gave a "fart-felt" speech.

That analogy did not sit well with the Green Party's Elizabeth May, who was so repulsed by the use of the word "fart" that instead of repeating it, she chose to spell it out. That led to a debate over the word. Yeah, instead of resolving issues, these politicians got caught up in a silly schoolyard argument. See, it's not just America where getting things done takes a back seat to absurd bureaucratic nonsense.

Who knew Canadians could get so feisty? Here we are thinking they're as sweet as the syrup they love and will take in Americans distraught over Donald Trump being elected president when in reality their skin is as thick as ketchup chips.

It just goes to show that while a national controversy erupts each time Trump tweets, at least we're not arguing the finer points of cutting the cheese. At least not yet.

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