You learn something every day. Today, you'll learn not all camels like the media.

This news report in Turkey was going swimmingly well until a camel walked into the frame and said in his camel-speak, "Get out! You didn't pay a cover, so you're not welcome here."

Okay, we doubt he said anything about a cover charge, but just go with it, alright?

The camel then chases one of the men back to a car. Is the camel mad? Did it snap when one of the people in the area made a "It's hump day" joke? Was it trying to tell the reporter in its camel-way, "Hey, I like you and this is we express ourselves in the camel community?"

Truthfully, we don't know the answer to any of those questions, but we do know the next time a news van shows up, everyone inside had better be prepared and come up with a plan to shoot their standup where less aggressive animals hang out. You know, animals like tigers and lions who smell raw meat.