How much do you trust your friends? Would you allow them to blindfold you, attach you to a bungee cord and then inform you that you are about to make a 50-foot jump? That's what happened to Kokovtsov during his bachelor party. And while the groom-to-be paid for his faith in his buddies, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

That must have been quite a shock, hitting the water so quickly with all of his adrenaline firing. Nevertheless, he takes it pretty well, emerging from the pond with a huge grin.

Although it does seem that the harrowing experience has turned his hair purple. Either that or it got that way because of exposure to the radioactive-looking water he was dumped in.

Yeah, we're betting it was the toxic water. So would you ever allow yourself to be put in this situation? Would you do this to a friend?