The internet loves it some interspecies friendships, and we can now add "bull and bulldog" to the ledger.

This gives us some other potential pals we'd like to see:

  • Elephant and elephant seal
  • Bat and wombat
  • Cat and catfish
  • Fox and foxhound
  • Horse and horsefly
  • Tiger and tiger shark
  • Spider and spider monkey
  • Sloth and sloth bear
  • Polar bear and penguin

Yeah, we know that last one doesn't really fit, we'd just really like to see it happen. It's two animals from literally the opposite sides of the earth -- the north and south poles. Wouldn't it be great for them to meet? Imagine all the stuff they'd have to talk about! They could argue over which pole is colder, which one has the shorter summer, whose glaciers are melting faster. In short, make this happen, scientists.

Any others animal pairings you'd like to see?