"Insect hunting as a sport has entered the 21st century with this fun, new non-toxic device," reads the sales pitch.

Well, picture this: It's 2015. Kids no longer have typical play fights. The type that are fought using their little fists and sharp nails. No. Things tend to be more life-or-death, 'Hunger Games'-style now. Now, they have access to guns. 

Cries of "Mommyyyy, Dylan shot me in the eye!!" and "Sandra killed the rabbit!" are going to be heard nationwide following the release of this salt-shooting, bug-eradicating Bug-A-Salt gun.

Santa Monica-based artist Lorenzo Maggiore is hoping to raise $15,000 from generous (or foolish, depending upon how you look at this investment) donors to help cover the mass production costs of his latest invention: A shotgun-themed "insect eradication device" that offers a "chemical free alternative for eradicating pesky insects."

Fortunately for those hoping to obtain one of these instruments, the ammo can be bought over-the-counter at pretty much any food store around the country: table salt. No ID needed. In fact, if you were really hard-pressed, you could probably stock up by taking a trip to the beach.

The device is available for a mere $30 dollars, but particularly safety-conscious individuals can opt for the 'Arms Dealer' package -- 144 guns for the whole Bug-fighting gang. $2,500 for all the bug killing gear you need!

Move over salt-shakers -- this is totally how we're salting our fries from now on. All we need now is a ketchup pistol and we're good to go.

Watch a video demonstration of the Bug-A-Salt gun below.