Ever wanted to be the ruler of your own town? Well, here's your chance. The small (and we mean small) town of Buford, Wyoming, has a population of just one. And that one resident has now decided it's time for him to move out and put the town up for sale. Don Sammons, who moved to Buford over 20 years ago, is auctioning the 10-acre town at a starting bid of $100,000.

What do you get when you buy the land? Sammons' house, a garage, a gas station, a cabin, a convenience store and a schoolhouse built in 1905 are all that makes up the town. How did Sammons live alone for this long you ask? Actually, he didn't. Sammons moved from Los Angeles to Buford with his family and took over a convenience store, the Buford Trading Post, which he operated until the end of 2011. His family slowly moved away over the years and although being the last remaining resident of Buford brought Sammons national attention, he says it’s time to sell the town off and let someone else live a lifestyle of solitude.

Buford has it's own zipcode and according to passersby, pretty good internet connectivity too. We can't imagine living without the latter, but if you truly wanted to escape the concrete jungle lifestyle, this mountain town on Interstate 80 might just be the place to consider. Also, how many chances does one get to become the 'mayor' of a town by default?

Get a closer look at Buford's town sign below. As the sign claims, it's the "highest town between NYC and San Francisco" on interstate I-80.

Buford Wyoming

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