For reasons that remain as mysterious as why Carrot Top still sells out in Vegas, this five-year-old clip from Judge Judy has gone viral.

Sure, it's a great video, but it's pretty random that it's resurfaced after all this time.

In the clip, a woman suing two men for stealing her purse details the items that were in the bag at the time. One of the men does himself in right away, though, when he denies her claim there was an earpiece in it.

Well, that kind of knowledge cracked the case wide open for Judge Judy, who ruled on the spot, while calling the defendants "dumb and dumber."

She's brash TV star who's unafraid to speak her mind and, for some reason, people really seem drawn to her. With that kind of background, she may very well be the only person in American who can beat Donald Trump in a presidential race.

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