We're used to party favors and a Hora chair at Bar Mitzvahs, not so much a 13-year-old dancing solo to 'Vogue' for a captive audience. Thank you, Shaun Sperling, for making our day.

Apparently, Sperling chose "Madonna" as the theme to celebrate his becoming a man, and he really committed to that choice, not only by dancing alone to 'Vogue' for its entirety in front of a captive audience (that's a long time dancing alone in front of Grandma and Grandpa), but also by getting Madge's face airbrushed on the back of his button-down shirt for the performance. Airbrushed clothes, Madonna -- oh, early '90s, we miss you so.

Watching this, you have to wonder if Sperling looks back now and realizes how amazing he was, or if he just gets a really bad case of the cringes. Also, whatever happened to that shirt? Hopefully it's hanging in a place of honor somewhere to commemorate the day Shaun Sperling became a man. Hey, it's better than a noisemaker.