Brothers -- they yell, they kick, they fight. And, sometimes, they love each other.

The older brother in this video shows off a tender, sensitive side by singing a precious lullaby to his equally precious newborn baby brother.

Big brother belts out a gentle tune about all of the things he loves about his new sibling -- eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, toes, face, basically everything -- and does it with the innocence and charm only a child can muster.

It's so sweet you may get a cavity just by watching it. Here's hoping mom and dad remember this heartwarming moment in a few years when the little brother tattles on his big brother for breaking curfew and the older brother throws a temper tantrum and refuses to speak to anyone in his family ever again after his parents make him take his little brother out to the movies with all of his friends.

Because that's the side of brotherhood no one skips out on.