Bob Lutz is the former Vice Chairman at General Motors, and probably the man most associated with the automotive giant. At 80, Lutz no longer has an official role at GM, but he remains a vocal advocate for the company. So during his appearance on 'The Colbert Report,' he discussed topics relating to GM, such as the auto bailout and the eco-friendly Chevy Volt. It was all fairly uneventful-- until Lutz disclosed that he does 40 push-ups every morning to stay in shape.

Those were fighting words to host Stephen Colbert, who immediately shed his jacket in the universal sign for "push up contest."

Lutz was more than happy to oblige, removing his own jacket and assuming the position.

Both men did themselves proud. But ultimately it was Lutz, the octogenarian, who was still effortlessly plugging along when Colbert's arm become too tired to continue.

So what did you think of the showdown? Did either contestant gain or lose points for form?

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