Before there were iPhones and iPads, people had to use things like playing cards and board games to keep themselves entertained. Yes, kids, it was rough.

Nevertheless, those of us of a certain age hold a certain nostalgia for the Rubik's Cubes and Connect Fours of our youth. Which was why we were so happy to see them, in all their stop-motion glory, in this video for the Delta Heavy tune 'Get By.' However, as you will soon see, there is a brutal twist.

Not Hungry, Hungry Hippos! Of all the fates we imagined for those semi-aquatic mammals with insatiable appetites, we didn't expect them to go down like that.

The video comes for director/animator/writer Ian Robertson, who we are going to guess has some crazy dreams.

According to Robertson, 11008 photos were shot for the video while the animation process took 32 days. Learn more about the impressive project here.