For anyone looking to get hammered and pig out on food at the same time, the "Bloody Best" Bloody Mary at the Nook in Atlanta is the adult beverage for you. This isn't your typical Bloody Mary made out of vodka, tomato juice and spices. Oh no. It's also a meal in a cup that includes a meat straw, for Pete's sake. What's not to love? Waiter, we'll take two.

The 32-ounce beverage comes with skewers of steak, tater tots, peppers and blue cheese-stuffed olives as well as a hard boiled egg and a piece of toast. For good measure, it also comes with a stick of bacon and the aforementioned (and now in our dreams) meat straw.

It's available now for Saturday and Sunday brunch at the Atlanta-based restaurant. Hmm. Wonder how long it would take us to get there if we left now?

What do you think? Is the "Bloody Best" Bloody Mary ridiculously awesome or just plain ridiculous?