If only we had half a mind to pull the stunt this guy did.

A video which has gone viral features a man sawing the goods he owns in half in what appears to be a response to his ex-wife getting half of everything in their divorce. Yes, he's the world's most literal man.

The video's description sheds a little light on the man's motives:

Thank you for 12 'beautiful' years Laura !!!!! you've really earned half , Greetings also to my successor"

The man means business, too. He cuts his iPhone, chair, a flat screen TV, bed, even a car right down the middle. It's extreme, you have to wonder if it's real or just a prank that jaded ex-husbands everywhere will watch and cheer..

If it is a joke, then it's pretty elaborate. A lot of items showed up on eBay.

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