Some birds are not meant to be caged.

In this video (NSFW for what can be described as bird cussing), called "How to fix a round cage," a bird goes totally off the deep end when its owner smashes a cage to pieces, claiming our feathered friends prefer cages with corners in them.

You don't have to pay super close attention to realize it sounds like the bird is dropping "F" bombs, which is what makes this so funny.

The bird, named Pebble, is not the one who uses the cage in question. It's actually used by another bird named Jojo and  Pebble is just in the clip to "watch and make sure that it's done correctly."

If you're impatient, then we recommend zipping to the 1:00 mark when the cage's destruction begins. About 10 seconds after that, Pebble's ornithological rant begins. It sounds really angry. Like, really angry. Like the type of angry that's reserved for Donald Trump anyone has the audacity to question him about anything.

Is the bird mad or is it cheering on the man for ruining the cage? It's a good question -- almost as good as trying to figure out where it got such a potty mouth.